Maximize Safety with Customized Commercial Insurance Coverage for Sheet Metal Workers


Sheet metal workers have an interesting and diversified trade. As a sheet metal worker, you might be using your skills for roofs, rain gutters, siding, ventilation, or heating and air-conditioning duct systems. You might work on automobiles, precision equipment, signs, handrails, and other products made from metal. You might even work with materials other than metal, such as plastic and fiberglass. Sheet metal workers often take a project from the planning stage through manufacturing to testing. The trade can involve the use of mathematics and drafting, as well as tools such as shears, breaks, punches and forming presses, edging and crimping machines, hammers, and grinders. Sheet metal workers also perform all welding on all types of materials. Making sure you have customized commercial insurance coverage for sheet metal workers is imperative to your daily operations.


Risky Business


Construction is the most dangerous industry sector in Canada. Because of the materials and tools used by sheet metal workers, there are many risks inherent in the trade. Some of these include:

·       Hand cutting hazards.When sheet metal workers cut pieces of metal with hand metal snips or shears, the resulting cut has two adjacent sharp edges. A small miscalculation can result in cuts to the hands.

·       Sharp fragments to the eyes. Sheet metal workers sometimes use power machines to cut sheets. Sharp fragments of metal may become embedded in the eyes unless protective goggles are worn.

·       Particulate matter in the lungs. Power cutting can also produce metal debris or dust in the work area. Respirator masks are recommended.

·       Muscle or skeletal injuries.Sheet metal can be very heavy, resulting in lower back strain or other kinds of chronic injuries. Some of the places where sheet metal must be placed are irregular, and injuries can also occur when placing it.

Obviously, having the right insurance coverage is very important for all sheet metal workers. Unfortunately, many people choose their insurer by looking only at rates and types of coverage. If you’re looking for the best option available, investigate using a broker to obtain customized commercial insurance coverage.


What Customized Insurance Can Offer


Customized commercial insurance has many advantages over standard policies. Custom policies are designed through a collaborative process that involves you, your employees, your insurance broker, a safety specialist, and an insurance company. First, you will meet with a broker who will really take the time to get to know your business inside out. He or she will visit job sites, ask questions about every aspect of the business and try to ascertain the various areas in which you will need insurance coverage. In addition, your broker will begin to rule out types of coverage that are not necessary for you. In the long run, this very specific targeting of insurance will save you money.


Next, your broker will ask a safety specialist to visit the job sites to observe. This professional should be knowledgeable about the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and industry guidelines, and will provide you with a comprehensive risk analysis with recommendations about how you can reduce your risk exposure. Because the costs of an accident can be devastating -- personally, professionally, and financially – this service can be crucial to your business.


Finally, your broker will work with an insurance company to create a policy specifically aimed at protecting your business.


Contact a company that provides customized commercial insurance coverage for sheet metal workers today, and learn more about the advantages of custom insurance.

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